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Ballet dancers

Winter Show

All Dates/Times

Our Winter Show will be held at

Lewiston Middle School on

Saturday, December 9th.

Shows are at 10:30am & 2:30pm.

Doors open 30 minutes ahead of the show.


Show schedule is below with the show(s) your dancers are in.

Rehearsal will be held at 

Lewiston Middle School on

Friday, December 8th.

Times are posted below.

Order tights and shoes for the show by

Friday, November 17th

Colors of tights/shoes are posted below under the student's class.

Tickets go on sale through Tututix on Saturday, November 18th at 1:00p.m.

A $15.00 rental fee (per costume) is posted to accounts.

(Rental fees must be paid before costumes are sent home.)


Costumes for the Winter Show will be handed out 2 weeks prior to the show (cleaned and fitted).

A $15.00 rental fee (per costume) is posted to accounts 


(Rental fees must be paid before costumes are sent home.)

Costumes will be collected at the theater directly after the show.
Tights & Shoes: We’ll be doing an order this Friday, November 17th if your dancer needs tights or shoes. Your DanceStudio-Pro portal specifies what color tights your dancer will be using and it is listed below by class.
Please contact us by email or stop by the office to order and let us know the size and color. Child size tights are $8.44 (includes tax) and adult size tights are $10.55 (includes tax).
For the Spring Show: Costume deposits of $25.00 (per costume) for the spring show will be posted in January with the remaining purchase costs due by March 15th. We recognize the rising costs of everything and will do our best to find family friendly options that compliment dances & dancers while still fitting into budgets. Some classes may use reusable dancewear if appropriate or rentals instead of purchases. 


Recital ticketing will be done through Tututix. Tickets are $15.00 (prices include taxes & fees.
Tickets go on sale Saturday, November 18th at 1:00pm. Tickets can be purchased for either show, you are not limited to attending a specific show.
To purchase tickets, scan the barcode below, which is also posted in the studio waiting room. You can also click on the link here
Tututix costomer service number is 855-222-2849.

Recital QR Code.png
Let us know if you would like to volunteer to be with a class backstage during the show! Volunteers will get a code for 1 free ticket to the opposite showing that they are helping with.

Rehearsal Schedule
Please be in costume, shoes, lined up and ready to dance 5 minutes prior to rehearsal time slot
4:00 Chinese Tea, Spanish, Marzipan All pointe classes
4:30 Little sweets Pre-dance
4:40 Angels Pre-Ballet, Monday
4:50 Fabarooney Christmas Acro #1
5:00 Rudolph Combo #1
5:10 Greatest time of the year Jazz #1
5:20 Jingle bell remix Pre- hip hop
5:30 Snowflake on my nose Combo #2
5:40 Run Run rudolph Tap #1
5:50 Christmas Tree Farm Combo #3/4
6:00 Saturday Angels Pre-Ballet & Ballet 1, Saturday

6:10 The Happy Elf Tap 2
6:20 Vivaldi's Winter Ballet 4
6:30 Snowglobe Jazz 2
6:40 Do you want to build a snowman? Ballet 1
6:50 This year Contemporary 2
6:50 Jingle Bell Baby Hip Hop 1

Rehearsal Times (Continued)
7:00 Hip Hop 2 Hip hop 2
7:10 Winter Song Contemporary 3/4
7:20 Party girls Ballet 2
7:30 Tap 3 Tap 3
7:40 Feliz Navidad Jazz 4
7:50 Waltz of the Flowers Ballet 3
8:00 Adult tap Adult tap
8:10 Snow miser Jazz 3
8:20 Adult Jazz Adult Jazz
8:30 Tap 4 Tap 4
8:40 Elfs lament Mens class
8:50 Boxes, Bags, & Bows Hip hop 3/4
9:00 Snow Adult Modern/Contemporary

Costume and Show Information by Class


Monday & Saturday Pre- Dance: Little Sweets

Costume: tutu, pink tights, hair bow, pink or black slippers

Props: Sweets (will be backstage)

Shows: Saturday 10:30 show

               Monday 2:30 show


Monday & Saturday Pre-Ballet: Angels

Girls: white leotards, white skirts, wings, halo

Tights & shoes: pink ballet slippers, pink tights

Hair: low ballet bun: halo headband

Boys: white pants, white long sleeve shirt, gold vest, wings & halo. Black ballet shoes

Props: candles (we will have these backstage) 

Shows: Monday 2:30 show

             Saturday 10:30 show


Monday Ballet 1: Do you want to build a snowman

Girls: white dress

Tights: weismans ballet pink 

Shoes: pink ballet slippers ( canvas or leather)

Hair: low ballet bun, hair flower on the right side

Boys: black pant, white turtleneck, scarf, black ballet slippers 

Show : Both


Saturday  Ballet 1: lead Angels 

Girls: off- white dress, wings & halo 

Tights: weismans ballet pink 

Shoes: pink ballet slippers ( canvas or leather)

Hair: low ballet bun

Prop: candles ( they will be backstage) 

Show: 10:30 am 


Monday Acro 1: Fabaroony Christmas 

Costume: white leotards, christmas leggings

Tights: none or convertible

Shoes: barefeet

Hair: pulled up, hair scrunchie included 

Show: Both


Monday Jazz 1:Greatest Time of The year

Girls: Costume: Green sequined costume

Tights: Tan footed ( convertible)

Shoes: tan Jazz Shoes 

Boys: black pants, green shirt, black jazz shoes

Show: Both


Monday Tap 1: Run Run Rudolph

Girls: costume: Red jazz dress, tan tights, black tap shoes

Boys: black pants, white shirt, red vest, black tap  shoes

Show: Both


Monday pre- Hip Hop: Jingle Bells 

Costume: Red Christmas Shirt, black sweatpants, jingle bell hair tie for girls

Shoes: clean, indoor sneakers

Show: Both


Monday Jazz 3: Snowmiser

Costume: white turtleneck, suspenders, blue pants, & tan jazz shoes

Show: Both 


Tuesday Jazz 4: Feliz Navida

Costume: black leggings 9 own), silver top, tan jazz shoes

Show: Both


Tuesday Tap 4: Here Comes Santa Claus

Costume: Red Dresses, Santa hats, tan tights, black tap shoes

Show; Both


Tuesday Intermediate Adult Tap: Holly Jolly Christmas

Costume: Preparing own (green) 

Show: Both


Tuesday Intermediate Adult Jazz: Cool Yule

Costume: Preparing own

Show: Both

Continued - Wednesday

Wednesday Beginning Pointe: Chinese Tea

Red embellished leotard & skirt 

Shoes & Tights:  Weissmans ballet pink tights, pink Pointe shoes ( ribbons securely tucked and not visible)

Hair: low ballet bun 

Show: Both 


Wednesday Ballet 3: Waltz of the Flowers

Costume: pink, gold tutu

Shoes & tights : Weissmans ballet pink tights, pink Ballet shoes

Hair: low ballet bun, flower headband

Show: Both

Wednesday Contemporary 3 / 4: Winter Song

Costume:  TBD

Shoes & tights: no tights, barefeet or contemporary sandal

Hair: pulled up 

Show: Both


Wednesday Ballet 4: Vivaldi’s Winter

Costume: White costume

Shoes & Tights: Weissman's ballet pink tights, Pink  Ballet shoes

Hair: low ballet bun, snow hair piece

Show: Both


Wednesday Intermediate Pointe: Spanish Chocolate & Marzipan :

Spanish: costume, Weissman's ballet pink tights, Pink Pointe Shoes ( ribbons securely tucked and not visible) 

Hair: low bun & hair flower on the right

Prop: fans

Show: Both 


Marzipan: costume, Weissman's ballet pink tights, Pink Pointe Shoes ( ribbons securely tucked and not visible) 

Hair: low bun & gold hat clipped on the right

Show: Both 


Wednesday Hip Hop 3 /4: Bells, Bows, Gifts, Trees

Costume: Preparing their own

Show: Both


Wednesday Hip Hop 2: All I Really Want For Christmas

:Black sweatpants, red “santa believes in me” shirts, indoor sneakers

Show: Both


Wednesday Hip Hop 1: Jingle Rock Baby

Costume: TBD

Show: Both


Wednesday Tap 3: Like It’s Christmas

Costume: Candy Cane dresses, red leggings, black tap shoes

Show: Both


Wednesday Mens Class: Elf’s Lament

Costume: preparing own

Show: Both 

Continued - Thurs/Fri

Thursday Contemporary 2: This Year

Costume: blue dress

Tights: Tan or skin color match convertible tights, barefeet, or contemporary sandals

Hair:  half up or all up; hair accessory included

Show: Both


Thursday Ballet 2: Nutcracker March ( Party Girls) 

Costume: Dress

Tights & shoes: pink or skin color matched shoes & tights 

Hair: half up or all up; hair ribbon included

Prop: porcelain doll, we’ll have them backstage

Show: Both


Thursday Jazz 2: Snowglobe

Costume: Black leggings, white shirts, and hat 

Tights & shoes: Tan Jazz Shoes

Hair: half up or all up

Show: Both 


ThursdayAdult Modern: Snow:

Costume: TBD 

Show: Both 


Thursday Combo #1: Rudolph

Costume: leotard, skirt, boot covers

Hair: reindeer antlers 

Tights & shoes: tan tights, black tap shoes

Show: 2:30 PM


Thursday Combo #2: Suzie Snowflake

Costume: girls:  blue dress, tan tights, pink ballet slipper

Boys: white dress shirt, blue bow tie, silver vest, black pants, black ballet shoes 

Show: 10:30am

Thursday Combo 3 /4 : Christmas Tree Farm

Costume: red leggings, white sparkle shirt, red hat, black jazz shoes 

Show: 2:30pm 


Thursday Tap 2: The Happy Elf

Costume: TBD, tan tights, black tap shoes

Show: Both 

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